Can you guess which song we’re playing? Hint, the Uke only gets used for one song 🙂
Teamwork! Mending a tenor sax mid-set, amazing what you can do with a bit of Blu-tac
Electronic drum kit makes sound mixing a lot easier in smaller venues
Would you believe they’re not actually brothers?
This gig at the Hampshire Bowman beer festival was a riot, literally. Security claimed they couldn’t get in the marquee because of the heaving crowd, then blamed us for making the crowd so excited, you can’t win
15 minutes peace during the break…
…then right back at ’em
Mr cool, the grand daddy of bass guitar, Ron Baker
There’s a really cool clip of trumpet-man Alan Irwin in the Ghost Town video, go check.
Sue doing her Play School impression. Hint, she’s in the ‘Triangle Window’
“Bow your heads lads, look cool, that’s it”