The Band

The KazBaas started off as a group of friends and work colleagues getting together to play Madness songs after watching a Madness Tribute band, Phil H and John had the same thought at that gig “We could do that, shall we?”

That was 2007, several years on we have had a few band member changes and one name change, but we’re still a bunch of friends getting together to play music, only now we love to share the fun with our Kaz fans too at public gigs and also at private gigs.

We still play a lot of Madness songs, but now play loads of other great songs from other bands too, quite a few 2-Tone and Ska but also loads of other fun up-tempo numbers that always go down well at gigs.

We are…

Ron Baker – Bass Guitar and vocals

John Bailey – on Saxophone

Peter Rhodes – Trombone

Phil Howard – keys and vocals

Alan Irwin on Trumpet

Nev Wheeler – Guitar

Sue Bailey – Vocals

Phil Rhodes – Drums

We are supported at gigs by Lee Elliot tweaking the mixing desk

The sheep, known as Woolly Bully, is our mascot.